Lasts Up to 6 Months

PoolRx reduces chlorine demand. Experience high definition water clarity without the need for phosphate removers, clarifiers or other algaecides

Using PoolRx’s patented mineral technology, consumers and pool professionals both agree that the PoolRx system is an industry recognized approached towards lowering chlorine demand in regular pools as well as salt water pools.


Pool pros use PoolRx to help save on chemical costs and decrease the amount of chlorine demand in the bodies of water they manage.

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Adding PoolRx to your skimmer or pump basket allows for less chlorine while still maintaining a healthy swimming environment.

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Eliminates & Prevents Algae

PoolRx is a safe and highly effective alternative to using high amounts of chlorine to prevent algae from forming in the pool. 

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Long Lasting – up to 6 months

Add PoolRx twice a year to help lower monthly chemical costs for maintaining a swimming pool. The pool guy’s secret helper.

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Simplifying Pool & Spa Care

Pool Rx Blue Unit for Pools - The PoolRx 101001 Blue Mineral Unit for 7,500 to 20,000 Gallons greatly improves your salt water experience and prolongs the life of your pool equipment!

PoolRx – Blue

7.5K – 20K gal #101001 Blue Pool Unit

PoolRx – Black

20K – 30K gal #101066 Black Pool Unit

PoolRx – White

7.5K – 20K gal #102001 White Pool Unit Booster

PoolRx – Yellow Spa

100 – 400 gal #101057 Yellow Spa Unit

PoolRx – Black Spa

400 – 1,000 gal #101055 Black Spa Unit

PoolRx – Sundance

400 – 1,000 gal #101058 Sundance Spa

The #1 Choice of Pool Professionals Everywhere!

✔️ Eliminates & Prevents All Algae

✔️ Reduces Chlorine Demand

✔️ Effective for up to 6 Months

✔️ Saves Time & Money At Every Pool

PoolRx - The Perfect Solution for Simple Amazing Water
POOLRX is used by pool professionals like Greggs Pool Works in Sacramento
POOLRX is used by pool professionals like Greggs Pool Works in Sacramento

Chlorine Solutions Advice & Tips

PoolRx Mineral Technology Explained

We explain how the patented PoolRx mineral technology actually works. Find out the in’s and out’s behind our proprietary system for lowering chlorine consumption in pools.

August 1, 2021
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PoolRx Featured on The Pool Guy Show

Fred covers the what, why and how. He explains how to avoid a few typical beginner mistakes. Plus, some basic chemistry and what you should know.

July 21, 2021
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PoolRx featured on the Pool Chasers Podcast

PoolRx with Fred Schweer – Check out the Pool Chasers podcast featuring PoolRx’s Fred Schweer #1 Choice for Pool Professionals

June 2, 2021
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Ask us how we can help you reduce your chlorine consumption & save you money:

Are you a pool professional looking to save money on monthly chemical fees? Adding PoolRx to the pools on your service & maintenance route is not only smart, it’s can save you a bundle! Contact us for wholesale pricing information.