Pool Professionals Agree, PoolRx Really Works!

Professionals Using PoolRx
Pool Professionals

PoolRx helps reduce chlorine demand in the bodies of water you manage up to 0.5 to 1.0 ppm to help you save time & money.

PoolRx Pros
Does Not Stain

PoolRx’s patented mineral technology helps mitigate Algae from forming in pools using less chlorine without staining the pool. Learn the facts about PoolRx.

PoolRx Professionals
Green To Clean

PoolRx makes green to clean service a snap. Use the half the chemicals you normally would to achieve a crystal clear pool.

PoolRx is recommended by Pool Yoda - Gregg Sample of Gregg's Pool Works
PoolRx is recommended by Pool Yoda - Gregg Sample of Gregg's Pool Works

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PoolRx #1 Choice of Pool Professionals

Pool Professionals Are Using PoolRx To Save Time & Money!

PoolRx is the go to solution for professionals in the pool and spa industry. If you’ve been looking for ways to decrease the chlorine consumption in the pools you manage, PoolRx is the answer you’ve been searching for. A tried, tested and vetted product that has been thoroughly researched by some of the leading experts in the pool world.

Chlorine Solutions has been a champion of the PoolRx for years and has been trying to make more pool professionals aware that this product does incredible things. The product has been tried and tested by bloggers, podcasters, thought leaders, and a variety of different trade publications over the years.

Professionals agree that PoolRx is not only the real deal, but a tried and true solution for helping control Algae in a swimming pool while using less chemicals to manage the same bodies of water.

Find out what the true value proposition is for you in terms of using PoolRx as part of your service management regimen for pools and spas.

PoolRx featured on Pool Chasers watch this great interview on one of the leading pool industry podcasts.

PoolRx Is The Pool Professionals Solution - Chlorine Solutions Recommended

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Pool Pros, Learn The Facts About PoolRx!

PoolRx is the solution you’ve been searching for in order to achieve a crystal clear algae free swimming environment while lowering your demand for chlorine, acid, phosphate remover, algaecides, clarifiers, conditioners, and weekly shocking.