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David Van Brunt of the PoolGuy Podcast Show interviews PoolRx Fred Schweer, Vice President of Sales to help get a better understanding of what PoolRx brings to the table in terms of pool management. Fred take us through the value proposition of what PoolRx does and Van Brunt, comes at it from a pool service standpoint to ask some questions that service techs really want to know about.

“I’ve used the PoolRx product myself week in week out in my own pool and think it’s a great product.” – Pool Guy Podcast Show’s, David Van Brunt

David Van Brunt

PoolRx is the most effective algaecide on the planet, bar none. Listen to Fred Schweer break down how the mineral technology in PoolRx is stronger and more dependable than bromides or other algaecides on the market.

Watch the PoolRx interview with David Van Brunt to get a better understand of how this incredible product really works.PoolRx is helping pool service professionals save time and money on their chemical maintenance costs and helping lower the demand for chlorine consumption in the bodies of water they manage.

Chlorine Solutions
Author: Chlorine Solutions
Gregg Sample of Chlorine Solutions has developed a reputation in the pool industry as a brand ambassador for PoolRx. Find out how PoolRx can help you keep your pool free of algae while lowering the chlorine demand in your pool.

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