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The Pool RX Unit is made up of three parts; the plastic shell, metal cylinder and natural minerals. When the unit is placed in the water, minerals which are packed inside the specially treated metallic cylinder dissolve into your water within 6 to 8 hours and form a stable residual.

The PoolRx minerals are rejuvenated when they pass back over the cylinder during water circulation. This process allows the minerals to help combat algae and bacteria. PoolRx minerals will typically last for 4-6 months based on typical bather loads and normal conditions.

PoolRx - Simply place in skimmer or pump basket.

PoolRx minerals are 1,000 times more effective at eliminating algae and bacteria compared to chlorine. The minerals actually eliminate algae and bacteria while helping free up chlorine to be more active and available in the water to eliminate organics. This means that it takes half the chlorine to achieve the same ppm you had prior to using PoolRx.

This eco-friendly dual disinfection method is ideal for providing the clearest, healthiest, cleanest water possible in your pool.

Unlike other forms of sanitization, PoolRx isn’t dissipated by sunlight or heat. The minerals will last through backwash, splash out and algae kill. Find out for yourself why more pool professionals are looking to PoolRx as their solution for lowering chlorine demand while still providing a healthy and sanitized pool environment.

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The are two parts to the PoolRx unit:

Alloy Treated Cylinder in the center of your blue or black pool unit recharges the PoolRX minerals every time the two make contact. The alloy cylinder has a useful life of 12 MONTHS IN THE WATER. After 12 month in the pool water, the alloy coating on the cylinder will be degraded to the point that it will no longer effectively recharge the PoolRx minerals.

PoolRx granular minerals are packed inside the alloy cylinder of a Blue or Black PoolRx pool unit (#101001 or #101066). The minerals can also be purchased separately as a PoolRx booster (#102001). Whether purchased as a part of a PoolRx pool unit or as PoolRx booster the granular minerals are the same formula and work exactly the same way. The minerals will completely dissolve into solution within a few hours of being placed in your skimmer or pump basket and form a residual throughout the pool water lasting for up to 6 months. Over the 6 month period you will lose these minerals via algae kill and splash out. In order to keep the PoolRx minerals active for up to 6 months, you must also have the PoolRx alloy cylinder in the pool. Without making contact with the cylinder, the minerals will not remain effective for 4-6

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Gregg Sample of Chlorine Solutions has developed a reputation in the pool industry as a brand ambassador for PoolRx. Find out how PoolRx can help you keep your pool free of algae while lowering the chlorine demand in your pool.

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