PoolRx – 4 Pack – Blue Unit


PoolRx provides a 50 percent reduction in your chlorine or salt chlorine demand and a 100 percent elimination of the need for harsh chemicals like phosphate removers, clarifiers, sodium bromide, and other chemicals. It can also descale the salt cell in your chlorinators which is equal to prolonging the life of the cell. PoolRX is very ideal to use with Chlorine, Salt, UV or Ozone systems. This particular product, PoolRX 101003 4-Pack Blue Unit, consists of 4 Units of PoolRX 101001 Blue Unit and intended for a Pool Size with 7,500 to 20,000 Total Gallons and you can easily replace the PoolRX 101001 BLue Unit in the basket every 12 months since you already have a PoolRX Blue Unit on hand and never have to worry about buying a new one. Please note that PoolRX is not compatible for use with bromine or biguanides.

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The PoolRX 101003 4-Pack Blue Unit Algaecide for 7500 to 20000 Gallons is part of the PoolRX products which is developed to be a unique chelated mineral algaecide and chemical reducer that is effective for up to 6 months. It is the recommended algaecide solution for all chlorine pools, salt pools and spas which is suitable for Residential and Commercial use. It can be placed in a pump basket or skimmer where its minerals can function immediately and eliminates all types of algae so you can have an improvement in your salt or regular pool swimming experience.


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