PoolRx Works on Hot Tubs & Spas

Better Water Clarity Using LESS CHEMICALS using the PoolRx Patented Mineral Technology

PoolRx Makes Spa Care Easier

Healthier water with less chemicals. Reduce the chemical usage in your Spa or Hot Tub.

  • 100% of Spa customers prefer to relax in clean water that has less chemicals.
  • Spa Service Pros are unanimous in their desire for an easy-to-maintain spa.
PoolRx Spa & Hot Tub Products
PoolRx Yellow Spa Unit

PoolRx – Yellow Spa Unit
Item # 101057
100-400 gallons supported
18 units/case

PoolRx Black Spa Unit

PoolRx – Black Spa Unit
Item # 101055
400-1,000 gallons supported
18 units/case

PoolRx Sundance Spas

PoolRx – Sundance Spa Unit
Item # 101058
400-1,000 gallons supported
18 units/case

PoolRx Hot Tub / Spa Products

PoolRx Works Perfect in Spas & Hot Tubs

Left to Right (PoolRx Black Spa Unit, Yellow Spa Unit, White Sundance Spa Unit)

PoolRx quickly kills existing algae and prevents new algae from growing.

PoolRx Spa units employ the same mineral combination and rejuvenation technology as PoolRx pool units. The only distinction is the size of the unit and the amount of minerals contained within each unit. It’s all about having the proper quantity of mineral in the water based on total gallons with PoolRx and PoolRx for Spas.

The minerals dissolve entirely and quickly out of the unit, forming a stable residue in the water. The minerals kill and prevent all sorts of algae, including tiny algae that you can’t see. This makes modest levels of chlorine (0.5-1.0ppm) more active and available in the water, resulting in incredible clarity.

The minerals are renewed as the water flows back over the unit that you leave in the skimmer or pump basket, often lasting 4-6 months depending on the bather load and conditions. PoolRx Spa devices are also an excellent complement to Ozone and UV systems, as the minerals are constantly working for you throughout the entire body of water.

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PoolRx Works Great in Hot Tubs & Spas

PoolRx for Spas is a low-cost mineral pod that streamlines hot tub maintenance. Organic minerals that are effective make spa water shine and give a healthier bathing environment. It works in tandem with a low level of chlorine that is kept constant – just 0.5-1.0 ppm for home spas. Active for up to 6 months, or until the spa is drained.

  1. Use less chemicals with our patented mineral chlorine reduction system
  2. For spas and hot tub 400-1000 gallons
  3. PoolRx Spa units last for up to 6 months
PoolRx Spa Units

Install into skimmer basket or place between cartridge filter pleats. Normal water balance and chlorine residual is required. For smaller spas up to 400 gallons, use the PoolRx for Spas Yellow pod.

PoolRx Simplifies Your Spa Maintenance - Chlorine Solutions Recommended

Chlorine Solutions Answers Questions About PoolRx for Spas

PoolRx is a unique chelated mineral algaecide and chemical reducer that saves you money and simplifies maintenance while improving the look and feel of your water. PoolRx is effective for up to 6 months and a mineral booster can be added if necessary for longer seasons, larger pools or extreme conditions. The PoolRx method is proven to save money and time, while solving a variety of problems, and fulfilling the most common customer requests. Ideal for all of your chlorine pool, salt pool and spa customers. PoolRx is perfect for Residential and Commercial use.

  1. Maintain normal spa chemistry with only 0.5-1.0ppm of chlorine.
  2. Add approximately 1 tablespoon of granular chlorine once per week.
  3. If necessary add a little pH up or down to keep water in normal range.
  4. Replace Spa unit every 4-6 months or whenever the Spa is drained.
  1. Choose the correctPoolRx Spa unit(s) for your size spa or hot tub.
  2. Start with fresh water and a clean filter. Drop Spa unit into skimmer or place between cartridge filter pleats. For Sundance Spas, purchase the Sundance Spa unit (white spa unit) and place in skimmer door slot.
  3. Add approximately 1 tablespoon of granular chlorine. This should allow you to achieve 0.5-1.0 ppm of chlorine in the water.

PoolRx Installation Instructions for Spas

You can’t accurately test for our minerals in water because of our severe chelation. The following factors will indicate whether it is time to apply Booster Minerals: Time has passed since you first installed the PoolRx Unit six months ago. The demand for chlorine has skyrocketed, implying that the minerals in the water are depleted. If you notice any signs of algae, it’s time to apply PoolRx Booster Minerals.

Do not use with bromine or biguanides (With PoolRx for Spas so little chlorine is needed you will not smell or feel it).

For obvious reasons, do not place unit anywhere in spa that I could get stuck; i.e. “middle tube” of cartridge filter, etc.

The PoolRx Spa device has a 6-month effective life in the water.

The is no booster for PoolRx for spas. Simply replace after spa is drained and refill.

Learn About PoolRx From Chlorine Solutions

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